ITG 2016

I know we’re only in 2015, but I’m excited about next year’s International Trumpet Guild Conference.  It seems the location hasn’t been widely announced yet, but I heard through the grapevine (from someone on the artistic advisory committee) that it will be in Anaheim, CA.  I’m excited!  There are sure to be plenty of great concerts/workshops and the conference brings together two of my favorite things: trumpet and organ.  Playing weekly in nearby Long Beach, I know that there are many great pipe organs in Orange County.  I’m anxious to see where the events will be held, and I’m even more excited to attend some great trumpet and organ recitals!

As a side note, I’ve been told there will be plenty of great jazz trumpeters at the conference in 2016 – and about 1/2 of all the events will be jazz oriented.

In the meantime, if you live anywhere near Colombus, OH, here is some information about this year’s (2015) conference:

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